10-12 yrs

Q How are children developing?
  • Most boys start going through puberty after age 10/11. If they are not yet changing physically, they are likely to be experiencing emotional ups and downs due to hormone changes. Boys whose bodies have started producing sperm are likely to start having wet dreams.
  • Although many start younger, 12 is still the average age for girls to start their periods.
  • Both girls and boys may start to have sexual feelings and may start masturbating. Both boys and girls may have crushes on celebrities and/or adults they know e.g. teacher.
  • At this stage, children will be more influenced by media and the images of men and women that they see in music videos, in films, computer games etc. They are also more likely to be using mobile phones and the internet.
Q What do they need from their parents?
  • To explain what wet dreams and periods are and how to deal with periods Free 'Periods' and '4 You' booklet    wet dreams definition
  • To help them feel good about the way their body looks - particularly girls
  • Talk to them about their feelings about developing/not developing physically
  • Help them make sense of things they see on TV about relationships, men and women.
  • To let them know its normal to fancy people and that sometimes its people you didn't expect to fancy
  • To be able to reassure them that its normal for girls and boys to want to touch their own sexual body parts in private
  • To help them to protect themselves from adults who might try and make contact with them through mobile phones or the internet. Age appropriate guidance on internest safety
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