Q How are young people developing?
  • Some boys will still be going through physical changes e.g. broadening of shoulders etc.
  • Some girls may just be starting to have periods
  • Likely to start to feel definite about their sexual orientation (whether they are straight, gay or bisexual)
  • Likely to be having more intimate relationships with boy/girlfriends
  • Friendship groups, music/TV/ internet are all major sources of influence. These sources often give the impression that everyone is having sex by the age of 16.
  • Very few at this stage choose to spend the majority of their free time with their families, preferring the company of their friends
  • Internet and mobile use is usually unsupervised by parents.
  • Many will be sexually active, though not necessarily having penetrative sex.
  • In Glasgow, it is more common for teenagers to have had oral sex by age 15 than to have had sexual intercourse. For those who have experienced either, the average age of their first experience is 14.
Q What do they need from their parents?
birth - 1 year old 1 - 2 year old 2 - 3 year old 3 - 4 year old 4 - 5/6 year old 6 - 7 year old
7 - 8 year old 9 - 10 year old 10 - 12 year old 12 - 14 year old 14 - 16 year old

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